Modbury Messenger CIC is a Community Interest Company and as such is registered by the Registrar of Companies for England & Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland. A Community Interest Company is a special type of not-for-profit limited company which exists to benefit the community. The purpose of Modbury Messenger CIC is to disseminate information about events, notices and articles of interest to the people of Modbury and it does this by publishing the Modbury Messenger, a printed newsletter, every month with 1000 copies delivered to homes and businesses within the Parish of Modbury. An online copy of the Modbury Messenger is available to neighbouring communities, advertised via social media and on our website

Advertisers are charged a fee for advertising in the Modbury Messenger and this covers the cost of producing the Modbury Messenger. The Board of Directors, Company Secretary, Editor, Proofreaders and Distributors are all volunteers. 

Directors of Modbury Messenger: Christopher Barnes, Diana Lynne Barnes, Burda Gage, Bernard Taylor. Company Secretary: George Rosevear.

Editor: Lynne Barnes

Editorial Committee: John Bower, Lynne Barnes, Nicky Shepley, Mark Lawrence.

Modbury Messenger CIC has produced the Modbury Messenger as an independent CIC since September 2018. Previously it was published by Modbury Parish Council.

Company Registered Address: 

Modbury Messenger CIC

3 Modbury Court

32 Church Street



Devon PL21 0QR

Advertising Rates